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Coils realization requires manifold toolings, according to the coil type and the applied technology.

Meis productive plants:

  • winders equipped with velocity control, steering and braking system wires, fit for the construction of rolling coils max 3000 mm in length;
  • pneumatic machine for the opening and making coils;
  • elecricpneumatic presses shiman for hotpressing of active tracts achieved with insulating materials (samicatherm).
  • The technologies of global vacuum soaking, for wich Meis has the respective know-how and specific equipments can be used on every king of coil.


Electric rotay machines subjected to coiling are preventively checked to find out causes which have producted the problem. They study possibilities eventual applicable modifications to the original characteristics of design.

These activities improve the reliability and endurance performances of the machine so that it will be able to stand adequately electrodynamic phenomena in rise phases, high temperatures, to preserve it from atmospheric and or chemical agents.



This bay is destined to the treatment of vacuum and pressure impregnation of the under repair electric rotary machines and to the following thermic cycle for the resins stoving.

The system:

  • steel cylindrical body 3.150 mm inside diameter, 5000 mm in height; it is able to get to 0,01 mbar vacuum and bear 7 bar absolute pressure in room temperature;
  • resins stockage tank;
  • vacuum set;
  • resins cooling and heating system with heat pump.

After the impregnation treatment, according to the prearranged cycles, the machine is set in autoair stove for the drying process.

The temperature are checked by digital control device with an analogic one which draws the respective time/temperature diagram.


All the motors are subject to rigorous test both under construction and in the last face.

The company staff carries out electric and dimensional checks on every part before assembling.

The testing room has sophisticated equipment to carry out all test provided for specification of the contracts.

A.T. cc 50 Kv generator for strength test and measure ldp;

– 24 Kv pulses generator of short circuit rolling up test;

– measure tg δ and coil power differential;

– multimeter for BBC bench;

– 150 kw frequency alternator set for rotation test;

– infra-red temperature detector;

– vibration detector;

– control board and connected test equipment for survey of every electric parameters.