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Environmental policy

In recent years the environment has become a central objective not only of economic and social policies but also of industrial activities, in the belief that the commitment to sustainable development, as well as a value of business ethics, also represents a important variable in the company’s management strategy.


In this perspective, the Sole Director of M.E.I.S. Srl, has established to implement an Environmental Management System in order to control the impact of the activities and services provided on the environment and to ensure that environmental performance meets legislative requirements and company obligations.


The Sole Director will work to promote any action aimed at protecting the environment and ensuring that all company activities do not present significant risks to the environment.


For the implementation of the Environmental Management System, the Sole Director will make use of the Manager of the Environmental Management System.

This policy includes the following commitments:

In order to achieve the aforementioned general objectives defined in the environmental policy, the Sole Director undertakes to set the environmental improvement objectives annually, on the occasion of the management review and in collaboration with the other company functions.

Environmental objectives, in accordance with scientific and technological progress, will also be established in accordance with financial availability.

The environmental policy will be reviewed periodically during the Management Review to assess its constant adequacy.

This environmental policy is communicated to all company personnel, as well as to external partners in the most appropriate forms, the same is also available to all interested parties.